My 17 Steps On How To Build A WordPress Site From Scratch

In this article, I am going to talk about how to build a WordPress site from scratch. To be honest, WordPress is not my favorite when I first started out online in 2008. Blogger is. However in the wake of Google changes and listening to other successful marketers be it their videos, webinars and courses, […]

Analyzing the Latest Divorce Trends & News

Yet, not all types of divorce are decreasing in prevalence. One specific type is skyrocketing. That’s gray divorce, a term used to references couples over the 50 in long-term marriages getting divorced. The rate there has doubled since 1990. One case in point is the overall rate of both marriages and divorces in the country. […]

Become a Power Organizer With Outlook Categories

If you find the amount of email you receive is overwhelming, then you aren’t alone. One way to get to grips with email, contacts, tasks and calendar items in Outlook is to organize everything using categories. Each category is represented by a colour so it is easy to recognize, find and track specific information. If […]

Choosing Relevant Blog Categories For Increased Traffic

The first mistake made by many newbie bloggers is commonly their choice of categories or lack of it. You will often see many blog authors will put posts filed under the “uncategorized” category. This is a mistake made by many new bloggers, if you do not choose your categories as standard default on a WordPress […]