2 Reasons Why Malware Protection Will Not Work

Internet crime is becoming increasingly popular among organized crime groups because it is very difficult to catch them at it. More and more people are becoming victims of identity threat and fraud, among other things. Like most people these days, you may use the internet for increasing variety of transactions. It is used not just for entertainment, but also for communication as well as doing financial transactions from the comfort of one’s home. If you are aware of the dangers you are exposed to on the internet, you would have equipped your computer with malware protection.

Malware protection is nothing but a computer program that protects your computer by identifying and then destroying any viruses it finds. There is a lot of malware protection available in the market that you could buy or download free of cost. However, your computer may be infected in spite of having a good malware protection.

This could happen for a variety of reasons. The first could be that your protection has not identified a particular program as malware. If it has not done so, then it will not destroy it. Malware are designed extremely well, and the best ones will not even hamper your computer’s operation. You will not even be aware of their existence. They will merely bypass your antivirus protection. Phantom viruses, for example, keep changing their signature so that they cannot be detected.

Another reason your malware protection will not work is that there is one system that can fully solve your problem. Each system has its strengths and drawbacks and these are exploited by malware to gain access to your system.

There are a few steps you can take to make your malware protection work better. Firstly you will have to run more than one, so that one makes up for the other ones shortcomings. This will create layers of anti-virus security for your system. You will also have to update your anti-virus protection frequently. Once a week, would be a better option. Online security forums will give you lots of information about which combinations of malware protection works best in specific circumstances.

In addition to this, you will have to be careful about which sites you visit and where you click. Do not open emails from unknown sources, especially if they have attachment files. It is best to reduce your exposure to computer viruses and other malware by being very careful.

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