4 Tips For Malware Protection

Malware is an extremely broad term used to describe viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and adware. Malware is a concern because it can wreak havoc on computers, causing them to run slower than they should, corrupting data, and negatively impacting overall system performance. As such, every user should make malware protection a priority. Here are 4 […]

Protection From Cyber Attacks

Catastrophic data breaches and hacking cases are some of the most common in companies today. Self-inflicted data leaks can put the security of any company at risk exposing it to different kinds of attacks. Businesses make huge losses through such leaks and protecting your company information is crucial in keeping unidentified attacks at bay. Investigators […]

How Digital Media Has Changed the Way We Receive Our News

The news media has changed massively over the last quarter century. Newspapers are still being printed, but increasingly, people are turning to the internet for the latest news. Online news sites have a huge advantage over the printed news media. They can post articles and coverage of breaking news within minutes of it happening. With […]

Online News

The newspapers were hardly getting used to the news being telecast on the television, when all of a sudden the advent of the internet brought a crucial blow to the newspaper industry. Most of the newspapers have not been able to withstand the onslaught of the internet and have been forced into closure. Let us […]

The Importance Of Reading Medical News Journals

Hardly does a month or a week go by before a friend or a member of our families fall ill. It may be a simple infection or even a terminal disease. At such critical times we seek information of the diseases and illnesses from the websites and books that we can access. Sometimes we even […]

My 17 Steps On How To Build A WordPress Site From Scratch

In this article, I am going to talk about how to build a WordPress site from scratch. To be honest, WordPress is not my favorite when I first started out online in 2008. Blogger is. However in the wake of Google changes and listening to other successful marketers be it their videos, webinars and courses, […]

Analyzing the Latest Divorce Trends & News

Yet, not all types of divorce are decreasing in prevalence. One specific type is skyrocketing. That’s gray divorce, a term used to references couples over the 50 in long-term marriages getting divorced. The rate there has doubled since 1990. One case in point is the overall rate of both marriages and divorces in the country. […]

Network Security: Vulnerability Scans, Penetration Testing, and Social Engineering

Because of ever-changing threats and updated industry compliance, network security is now more important than ever for businesses and organizations. Not doing so makes your company’s files and information vulnerable to outside attackers, those who can illicitly enter, steal, and exploit your property. Aside from no longer maintaining industry compliance, your company likely loses business, […]

Malware Trends Insurance Agencies Should Watch

Insurance agencies and brokers should remain vigilant when it comes to their websites and possible malware attacks. They need a backup plan, a fallback plan and should be sharing website and email security best practices with all their employees on a consistent basis. Malware is Becoming More Evasive and Aggressive There has been a large […]

security breach

Before we get started, let’s define what we’re talking about. The term security breach can conjure up all sorts of meanings, but I’d like to focus on how it relates to information technology. So by definition – Security breach: A situation where an individual intentionally exceeds or misuses network, system, or data access in a […]