movie site story of iimpact

movie site story of iimpact


So let me share what i’ve learned so far about movie streaming business which became my full time job.
Currently im around 4-5k monthly.
I used to have 15k months when Google just picks you up and get your server offline, this is when you know you have to optimize your site and get some nice cash :))
Here is a screenshot of my old affiliate when those pikes arrived:
Sadly those are gone, and im back to “normal” again”, i hope to get to those again some day soon.
This is my new affiliate:

I’ll describe you the process of creating my first movie site based on wordpress.

You will need offshore hosting if you want to deal with this illegal niche without having any troubles at all. I use and im more than happy with them. They are not the cheapest either but you won’t ever heard about any complains on your content.

First i’ve took a long name .com domain containing 3 important movie niche keywords because my final goal was steady income from SE traffic. Short, easy rememberable domain name? Well maybe, but only if you’re building a brand which is IMO hard to do nowdays in movie niche because of dense competition.
Nowdays they take a lot of .com domains out after they become too big so maybe it’s smart to take .to domain in advance which gains you some kind of security i guess. But i donno shit about SEO and .to domains and with security topic about .to domains im not so sure either, i just see it on movie4k and kickass used to have it, now they use .so.
So far i must have i’ve been lucky with .com, no problems at all and im using as domain register.

Every post that i make must be unique, so the movie descriptions are my own description after i read imdb description, this way you’re unique and you’re ok with Google which is most important.
For every post i add around 3-5 tags containing movie name and my 3 targeted movie niche keywords from my domain name.
For extra info i add imdb do follow link because Google doesn’t mind that huge site but on the movie streaming links i add rel=”nofollow”.
I’ve made sitemap and using Yoast seo plugin which is doing great for me. Of course you’ll need to tweak titles, descriptions but it’s not hard.

Social Locker is one of the best investments i’ve made in my life. Price is low, plugin is GREAT, updated regulary, support is FANTASTIC! SO basicly how i use it is that i lock the first streaming player with it and i write on the locker that the best copy is currently locked. If visitors want to see the best copy they need to click like, tweet or g+1 os simply wait for xx seconds to auto unlock. With this locker you will get a lot of social pings and SEARCH ENGINES LOVE THAT this days.
Along with Social locker i do use regular social button at the end of the post and the like box so that visitors can become my fans. Daily i update my FB fanpage with new releases which is also good for the SEO.

Video hosts
So the first link i offer as embed, the rest 3 links i give them as simple target blank links.
After trying out dosens this is my top 5 list,,,,
They all pay on time, and they are all fast when it comes to streaming.

Money talk
But there is also a fifth link. This one MAKES ME MONEY. It’s linked to the affiiate player. Inside link you can also add keyword which changes the title on the player making it realistic to the visitors. The affiliate that i use has a really professional looking player which starts playing then stops and asks for the free registration. Also below the player are bunch of fresh comments which makes it look even more realistic.
My affiliate is working on invitations only i think and it’s paying for the free 5 days trials. Biggest sale is 38$ from Norway. Mostly EU countries have sick rates.

If you have a good upload or VPS you can do your own uploads and also earn from those Video hosts, but if you don’t or you’re just lazy uploading, you can simply get links from some huge site such as or similar.

Initial traffic
So our goal is steady SE traffic after some time, but to get there you need some initial traffic. Sure you’ve heard of Youtube methods of getting some clicks but that’s pretty crawded nowdays. Uploading is not so easy job, you will need accounts, maybe proxies etc. and you’ll get banned a lot. Comments are better solution for Youtube IMO.
This is how i started. I’ve spammed the shit out of :D they have a forum in which you can post full links as a fresh users. After 10 or so comments you get some time restrictions but that’s ok, you’ll get to traffic anyway.
You can also spam on the Facebook, on the official fanpages, just need to be creative such as “i finally found HD of this movie, pm me if you want it”, this way you spam much more intelligently then with “watch here: LINK” approach.
You need free domains for spamming?? Well this is the smallest problem because there is a service, directory with about 50k domains i guess and you can use them as subdomains, it’s even free to register and to use 5 domains at the same time.
If you don’t like losing time to make spamming accounts for example for you simple use you can get 10 cents accounts there and you don’t have to worrie about proxies, emails etc :)

Affiliate pays me out on Payoneer which i love the most because i don’t have complications with my country taxes and other BS, i simply get the money out of the atm machines.
Video hosts pay me out on Paypal.

Site optimization (if you hit jackpot one day)
So if Google gets you into money train one day, it may take down your server like it did to mine, pray for it to happen! :D
Now i have 122$ VPS in Panama. Im using W3 total cache plugin, cloudflare cache and what is most important i have kicked out wordpress comments and replaced them with facebook comments. WordPress comments suck and with a big site those don’t work or you must have a GIANT server to handle those. Also i’ve kicked out search field and made a list of all movie titles instead. I’ve placed all movie posters on the so i host only text. Also forget about visitor count plugins for wordpress, whose will rape your database. Now the site is super fast and it can handle a lot of traffic at once, for the example 30k in 1 hour is no problem at all (i’m not telling i have that much).

If you like what i wrote, you found anything interesting or worthy, hit “thank you” button bellow or ask me for my affiliate ref link in PM (you have to include your email address so that i can invite you) :)
If you have any questions i’ll be here answering.

To keep you motivated i can post you my daily stats, for some people that’s not a big money, but for me this is a nice life in my country.